Mother of many children tutta Larsen spoke about the groups of death in social networks

Многодетная мама Тутта Ларсен высказалась о группах смерти в соцсетях Known TV presenter commented on the unfolding scandal. Tutta Larsen has studied the topic about groups in “Vkontakte”, where teenagers bow from suicide. Star believes that children should be limited.

      Многодетная мама Тутта Ларсен высказалась о группах смерти в соцсетях

      This week in one of the publications appeared scandalous journalistic investigation. The authors found that the popular social network “Vkontakte” there are many groups with hundreds of thousands of subscribers that florid way to help suicidal teenagers to end life suicide. The organizers of these communities allegedly throwing a creepy game and the flash mobs that make teenagers feel involvement in the elected, and then pushed to that fatal step. As a result of these criminal actions has left the life of not one child.

      The publication caused a great public outcry. In the Internet there was a lot of discussion. Journalists began to explore further this topic and found some of the organizers of such groups of death, who admitted that dreamed of popularity, so the whirled community. Plus, it’s a good income – because the access to many closed groups are paid.

      “Me, this topic really resonated, and I found a huge amount of information – says “StarHit” tutta Larsen. – I have a lot of questions to anyone who writes about this reputable. But I believe that in any case it is useful material. Better check the page your child on the website “Vkontakte” than to go behind his coffin. Therefore, the publications of the groups of death more good than harm. At least a huge number of parents started and ran to hug my teenagers to know how they are doing, and pay attention to them”.

      Being a mother of three children of different ages, the presenter knows firsthand how difficult it is to cope with maternal responsibilities. However, the star is not the type of parents who allow children to computer to free up your hands. Moreover, Larsen limits the access of the eldest son of Luke and middle daughter of Martha to the Internet.

      Многодетная мама Тутта Ларсен высказалась о группах смерти в соцсетях“Children, even if they seem like adults, cannot be left alone with the Internet. It is impossible not to be interested in the child, with whom he communicates in social networks. It is dangerous. This space, which really is a lot of malicious content, ” says tutta in an interview with “StarHit”. – As one of my interlocutor on Facebook: “You don’t understand, social networking is their yards. The fact that we had courtyards, for them – social network”. I said, “you Know, I’m kicked out into the yard. And my child does not yet have a clue what a social network. I don’t think he’s behind the progress, because to understand the benefits and effectiveness of social networks as a tool for the teen not. This can realize a grown man. And the child could not learn out useful information if it is not, say, a school group, if he was not with his parents speaks a highly cultured themes. Therefore, it is better to let go and walk in the yard with the bike and scooter. Still have time to grow this”.

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