Мама Полины Гагариной запрещает ей поправляться A former ballerina believes that a lady should be like a cane. Polina Gagarina admires his mother, instilled in her since childhood, the idea of harmony this is the real feminine beauty.

      Мама Полины Гагариной запрещает ей поправляться

      Judging from archival photographs of the singer Polina Gagarina, the star has always had a tendency to be overweight. She was a real fatty when I was doing my first course. Being able to lose weight for graduation from theatre school, and Pauline after some time again gained a lot of weight after the birth of her son Andrew. However, just a few months after giving birth she again showed the slimness. Now the singer seems to have outdone yourself. Her waist is sixty centimeters, and designers have to constantly adjust the dress to sit perfectly on a stunningly slim figure by Polina Gagarina.

      How do I find the authors of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV channel, the singer strives to please his mother, a former ballerina. Catherine Muchkaev was once a soloist with well-known ensemble “birch”. For my daughter it is a great motivator and role model. By the way, judging by the photo of Catherine in Muchkaev microblog Polina Gagarina, mother of the singer is in a terrific shape, and she does not allow her daughter to relax and to lose weight. Ex-ballerina since childhood instilled in Polina the idea that a real lady cannot be thicker than the guitar. The authors of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” say mother “hoisted” his daughter in his signature celery soup, in which only vegetables and water. It ate the singer after the birth of her son Andrew to a few months to lose twenty kilograms.

      Мама Полины Гагариной запрещает ей поправляться

      It should be noted that the slenderness Polina Gagarina for the soul not all her fans. One can often hear opinions that the singer was overzealous in the pursuit of her fragility and it would not hurt to add a few pounds. However, the star doesn’t think so. “Against my fragile shoulders and blond hair, hardly anyone can resist,” said Pauline to the NTV journalists.

      I should add that the photos of the shapely singer scammers often used in advertising various superpreparation for weight loss. Artist appeals strongly to ignore such sites, and does not lead to provocation. Polina Gagarina, which at the end of March will mark 29 years, says anyone who dreams to lose weight, work hard, eat right and get more exercise.

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