Дочь Екатерины Стриженовой совершила дерзкий поступок 15-year-old Sasha chose an original way to congratulate your favorite mom a happy birthday. She decided to place pleasant wishes to Catherine in her microblog. Surprise youngest daughter Stroganovyh managed.

      Дочь Екатерины Стриженовой совершила дерзкий поступок

      Today celebrates his birthday wonderful wife, mother and one of the best Russian TV presenter Ekaterina Strizhenova. She will be 48 years old. Family, relatives and friends early in the morning began to congratulate the star. The most original way expressed his love to Catherine, her daughter Sasha. A girl posted a birthday greeting mom’s microblog. By his own admission, Sasha went to the account of Catherine, while she did other chores.

      “Before mom sees, I take it “Instagram”. Happy birthday to you, our dear and the most favorite!”, – Sasha shared with subscribers of his mother. They in turn responded with a storm of wishes for health and happiness Catherine. The media personality has just received hundreds of greetings from fans, so surprise her youngest daughter managed.

      Дочь Екатерины Стриженовой совершила дерзкий поступок

      In interviews, Catherine often says, the important thing for her in life – family. Therefore her marriage with Director Alexander Strizhenovy is a perfect example of harmonious relationship, which lasted for three decades, since 1987. They met in their Teens, the shooting of the “Leader” in Sochi, where he played a major role. Love barely turned 18, they officially registered their marriage, which became one of the strongest and longest in the Russian show business.

      Alexander and Catherine are always talking to journalists, how they love each other and are proud of their daughters Anastasia and Alexandra. The eldest of them, Anastasia, is now in the United States. She’s married to financier Petr Grishchenko and works as art Director for Victoria’s Secret. Spouses are actively building a career abroad and are in no hurry with the completion of the family.

      The youngest daughter of Director and leading while in school, elite gymnasium on Rublevsky highway. He is very good at singing and dancing, and is interested in fashion on her page on Instagram to find a picture of himself with Karl Lagerfeld, designer of Chanel brand. However, despite his position, Sasha is not among adolescents who do that spend money their parents earned. “I have nothing to Golden youth,” – commented the representatives of the media the youngest daughter of the stars.

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