Мамы телепроекта "Дом-2" все еще выясняют отношения
Fans of home electroni of the country “the House-2” discussed the conflict that arose between Africanoboi Tatiana and Irina Agibalova.

Мамы телепроекта "Дом-2" все еще выясняют отношения

Irina filed a lawsuit on Afrikantova, accusing her of defamation.

Most fans considered that the quarrel between the women ends, because nobody wants to spend their nerves on trial.

Мамы телепроекта "Дом-2" все еще выясняют отношения

But, it seems, was mistaken. Recently Tatyana has posted a video on Twitter in which he said that the first reconciliation will never go.

“The man is shameless PR puts the window to his apartment. Had a half a million subscribers, and was 800 thousand. And it’s still not enough, the grabber! She wants me still on my knees put! Damn this will never happen! Understand it there is a German language teaches you to tear to give to some other country. So never, I have you in the periscope answer – a woman who doesn’t deserve my forgiveness, I give her a certain opinion have this opinion I will keep to myself, but my opinion is: this woman never, under any circumstances, I ask forgiveness I will not!” – says Tatiana Afrikantov.

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