Ex-wife Stas Piekha helped the man in the subway

Бывшая супруга Стаса Пьехи помогла человеку в метро
Ex-wife of popular singer Stas Piekha Natalia Gorchakova was faced with the cruelty in the subway.

Бывшая супруга Стаса Пьехи помогла человеку в метро

Many stars go down in the capital’s subway, not to get into hours-long traffic jams.

When the girl was returning home after visiting the Bank, in the subway, she saw a guy with a white cane, needs assistance. The young man didn’t know where to go, and no one was going to help him.

“He picked up a young guy walking ahead of me, and brought to the platform. After some time I was with them in the same car, going to the next door. A blind young man began to speak to the passengers of the car asking for those who go with a transfer on the ring, so they moved him. Nearby stood a lot of people, but all was silent and the company of strong men in one voice replied: “Nobody is coming”. Then I volunteered. The train approached the platform, we got out of the car, and behind us on the ring moved these same health men,” said Natalia in “Instagram”.

We will remind that Natalia and Stas Piekha, despite the divorce, were able to remain friends.

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