Мама Кети Топурия переживает за ее брак The singer and her husband live in two countries. Keti Topuria wife sees often, she is with her daughter in Russia, and the father lion, gaykhman works in America, where he had business. The soloist of group A’studio admits that he is very bored without the man she loved.

      Мама Кети Топурия переживает за ее брак

      Mom Keti Topuria not very satisfied with how is the marriage of the daughter, the famous singer and her husband Leo Gahman. Family for three years, but see each other husband and wife rarely. The fact is that for the sake of Dating someone of the spouses have to cross the ocean. Keti Topuria lives and works in Russia, and the father of her daughter Olivia has been in business in the United States.

      “Of course, Leo arrives. For example, in December, all the Christmas holidays spent with Kathy and her daughter and left, – told in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” NTV Mama singer Natalia Topuria. – He usually spends in America two or three months, and then going to Russia”.

      Mom’s singer is going through, as if such a long-distance relationship, her daughter will be able to keep the family together. Olivia sees her dad from time to time, and the son-in-law – a prominent man, and look – would lead. While Keti Topuria has no plans to move to her husband. “Maybe in the summer my daughter will go to the spouse, – continues Natalia. And until it bursts.”

      Meanwhile, in a large number of publications in the beginning of this year have been publications that guest marriage is obviously not good for thirty years vocalist. Keti Topuria was suspected of an affair with a famous rapper Body. However, A’studio soloist is not the first year in show business, and therefore learned not to respond to gossip and rumors. Gough revealed the truth about the affair with the Keti Topuria

      Keti Topuria recognizes that misses her husband and said that they are ready for the second time to become a mother, but still has to work.

      “I really want a baby, I wanted it almost immediately after giving birth to her Olivia – says Keti Topuria. But the guys in the band told me: “let’s work a little bit.” But in principle, I am ready to have right now”.

      Mother of the singer is proud that her heiress skillfully combines a career and be a mother. Both grandmothers willing to help Keti Topuria to bring little Olivia, dividing equally care for the younger granddaughter. “Katie is a very good mom and not at all strict, she allows Olivia everything, – continues Natalia Topuria. – Our baby is not bad says she’s very cool.”

      The closest person Keti Topuria hopes that her daughter and her husband still decide to move in together and live a full family life. “Of course, they will understand themselves, try not to interfere in their Affairs”, – concluded the mother star.