Модели из Нью-Йорка подают в суд на модельные агентства из-за жестокого обращения

According to the publication New York Post, in the world of fashion can ignite another scandal: a group of models from new York filed a lawsuit in the court for some modeling Agency, including the notorious Elite, Wilhemina, Next, and Click, because they don’t just brutally they were treated, but otherwise humiliated, and created intolerable conditions for work. For example, the models were obliged weekly to be weighed, to take courses of weight loss (allowing including surgical intervention), to be photographed in swimsuits in order to track weight, as some models were forced to go to the dermatologist, to work more and give up some things.

Vanessa Perron, Marcel Almonte, Carina Wretman and others said that employers regularly interfered in their personal life and we can say, controlled their every move. Melissa Baker does recommend throwing a guy who served in Afghanistan, but instead to find a celebrity or professional athlete.

Модели из Нью-Йорка подают в суд на модельные агентства из-за жестокого обращения Melissa Baker

It is also reported that the girls had to inform the Agency of their whereabouts, even if they went to lunch with friends, go to a doctor or gone on vacation. In addition, they were required to attend various social events, which were attended by famous people like Donald trump, in order to develop their careers.

While the living conditions of the models were terrible. So, they had to live in a one bedroom apartment for 10-12 people and sleep four in a four-tier beds.

A lawsuit filed by the models, has very much surprised representatives of modeling agencies. Director Wilhelmina bill Ackerman did not understand the claims of their wards.

And so what that told her to cut my hair? I take those allegations very surprised

he said.

Модели из Нью-Йорка подают в суд на модельные агентства из-за жестокого обращения
Bill Wackerman

This is not the first scandal in the fashion industry. In the winter, the public was stirred up confessions of a modeling agent Carolyn Kramer, who spoke about harassment and pedophilia in the fashion world. According to her, in the 80-ies of the last century many young models had to face the harassment of photographers and other representatives of the fashion sector.

Often due to the brutal demands of modeling agencies, the models were diagnosed with anorexia, it nearly led to a fatal outcome. In France, few years ago wanted to prohibit to recruit models weighing less than 55 pounds.

About heavy duty work in model business also told young Russian models working abroad.

New York Post