У Миши Бартон случился серьезный нервный срыв
The actress was hospitalized at the clinic.

У Миши Бартон случился серьезный нервный срыв

Mischa Barton

Yesterday after received 911
the disturbing call was urgently hospitalized 31-year-old actress and model Mischa Barton. The alarm was raised by one of the neighbors star, who announced that she is clearly not himself and possibly
poses a threat if not for others, then for herself.

As told the caller, he heard a strange noise from the house of Misha, located
in the neighborhood. And then I saw the actual Burton. Actress, where the clothes in
the time was only the shirt and tie, leaned over the edge of a low
the fence and shouted something incoherent.

For the beginning of the predicted end of the world.
“The world is tottering and collapsing! I feel It coming, and it is Evil!” — yelled Barton. Then she decided
to announce that this somehow involved her mother, which the actress declared
witch. And then the speech of the actress was quite incomprehensible.

The first on the scene police arrived, they brought Misha to the hospital. As reported, Barton has not had a
resistance and voluntarily agreed to go to the hospital. The doctors felt that was a good sign. During the last failure that occurred 8 years
ago Barton while trying to get her in the ambulance fell into a rage and
was subjected to compulsory hospitalization.

Mischa Barton

“With me, then something terrible has happened. I absolutely
lost myself,” said Barton in an interview 4 years ago.
In recent years, it seemed that Misha completely recovered from
happened with her in 2009-m to year. But, apparently, a painful condition worsened.