Дети герцогини Кэтрин свободно говорят на двух языках
Princess Charlotte and Prince George learning Spanish.

Дети герцогини Кэтрин свободно говорят на двух языках

Kate Middleton

Photo: TASS

Prince George and his
sister Charlotte — the children of William and Duchess of Cambridge,
despite his young age, has already become almost more popular than them
parents. Charismatic, direct and savvy kids
become universal favorites. And now it turned out that all the rest of their
advantages, they still managed to demonstrate the ability to study
foreign language. Charlotte and George are already talking freely in Spanish.

The Royal offspring have started to learn a second language in a literal sense
— from the cradle. George first heard the Spanish speech, when he was only seven
months, and Charlotte — the day when
she returned from the hospital. The fact that in March 2014, the parents hired the son of a new
nanny Maria Borrallo, Spanish for
origin, one of whose tasks was the training of the wards of her home

Then Catherine and William were preparing
his official tour to Australia. And the first nanny of George Jessie Webb, who had looked over William,
the time had turned 71 years old. And she frankly admitted that such a journey for
it will already be hard. Then George’s parents and started looking for a new nanny. They
found her in the person of a graduate of the prestigious British College of nurses in

Kate Middleton and Prince William with kids

Photo: TASS

This place is famous as the
“factory” for the preparation of nurses for high society. And finished it girls possess a variety of skills:
pedagogy to cooking and martial arts, if need be
to protect entrusted them to the care of the child
from a sudden attack of the criminals.

As for Mary
Borello, she had the best recommendations, and William and Catherine never had
to regret his choice. Mary not only copes with raising
George and Charlotte, but also proud of the fact that both speak Spanish
no worse than in their native language.