Миранда Керр рассказала о семейной жизни с Эваном Шпигелем накануне родов

Very soon, the 36-year-old Miranda Kerr for the third time will become a mother! On the eve of the events of the edition “Us Weekly” interviewed the stars, where she talked about family life with 29-year-old husband Evan Spiegel and their two sons, Flynn and HART.

Миранда Керр рассказала о семейной жизни с Эваном Шпигелем накануне родов

Family life Miranda is the complete opposite of stellar. Almost all the free time the family enjoys spending at home: “Evan loves to cook BBQ on the weekends. He makes great burgers and the guacamole. So our home parties are always fun and delicious!”

Star prefer noisy parties family gatherings in the backyard of his home. There, they have picnics purely within the family, but not against to invite close friends. “For the most part, we’re homebodies! We really enjoy the simplest things: your home, family picnics, time spent at the pool or on a walk,” he told Kerr.

In a recent interview, Miranda talked about their children. The model told about his son Flynn, whose father is married to Orlando bloom. “Where once a week we do family yoga. Flynn is very fond of practices. We started to teach him various asanas from an early age. Now he can sit quietly and meditate for a few minutes. He is very proud of his ability. I think that yoga is great for him,” — said Kerr.

Recall that Miranda is still working on company of organic cosmetics KORA, but also performs the duties of the house. In an interview, Miranda talked about how every day combines family and work. “The most important thing is to be flexible, to adapt to the situation and adapt to circumstances. I managed to find a balance. Now I work from home because the food is HART’s chest and distracted by it every 1.5-2 hours. Last night feeding him at 4 in the morning, and after he finally wakes up at 7. I get up at 5.30 to take some time for yourself to meditate. When Evan, Flynn and HART get up, we eat Breakfast, elders going, and I stay home and am meetings. I conduct conference calls, photo shoots, meeting with partners. When HART’s older — I’ll be back in the office. But before we’re all together let’s go on vacation”.

Miranda, the career woman. During the career of the “angel” model less all take a vacation. “It’s true! Throughout my career, I took a vacation in August. But on the other hand it’s great because this intensive work helped me to save enough money to Finance your business. I’m proud of it! All the missed weekends, holidays and hard work eventually pay off.”

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