Адель заметили с новым мужчиной

More recently it became known about the separation of Adel with her husband, businessman Simon Konecki, as already on Friday the star was spotted with a new man at the summer festival!

The singer went to the festival in Hyde Park, where, together with an unknown man enjoyed the performance, Celine Dion and Claire Richards. The man’s hand, the singer released the entire evening!

The media has so far failed to decipher the identity of the stranger, but Adele is clearly happy and having a great time!

After seven years of the novel, three years into the marriage, became aware of the breakup Adele with her husband: “Adele and Simon broke up. But they will work together to raise their son as loving parents. As usual, they are asked to respect their privacy. More comments on this subject will not.”

Later it became known the cause of the breakup: “she’s attracted to other men, and this time with Simon’s over — no turning back. She is not averse to Dating and asks friends to look to worthy applicants. But while in anything serious, it’s not going to get involved”.

Not only in his personal life, Adele now everything is fine, but in a romantic relationship of her best friend actress Jennifer Lawrence. The singer decided to organize a surprise party! Jennifer decided not to organize another party, after all, was very disappointed, after a party in honor of her engagement came too little people! “Adele has already started organizing the party and has begun sending the first invitations. At the moment all the details are kept secret. Adele wants to keep the intrigue, so any publication on this topic in social networks is not encouraged. One thing is clear: the party is going to be really crazy,” says the insider of The Sun.

The insider said the love Lawrence to the parties and said that the bachelorette party can happen anywhere!

In a recent interview, Lawrence spoke about the preparations for the wedding: “I saw the dress. It was pleasant to me. “This dress”, I thought. Saw the place and immediately decided, “Hey, we have space”… I’m not nervous: I’m too lazy to be nervous.”

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