Miranda Kerr is preparing to become a mother for the second time

Миранда Керр готовится стать мамой во второй раз
The model intends to have a baby next year.

Miranda Kerr

Photo: @mirandakerr Instagram Miranda Kerr

34-year-old model Miranda Kerr, who in the nineteenth
weekend played a secret wedding with Evan Spiegel, admitted to her friend, she
hopes to become pregnant in the near future — before the end of this summer, according to Life&Style Magazine.

Miranda never hid what he wanted
would have at least one child. She copes
with raising his six year old son Flynn, whom she gave birth to ex-wife
Orlando Bloom. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite happy that I have
already have a child. But I am enthusiastically considering to get another
one…” said Kerr in an interview.

And last year she had another
the motive to again become a mother. When Miranda start
meet with your current boyfriend — Evan Spiegel, who in the past
in the summer he proposed to her, she found that he is wonderful
to get along with children. He quickly established a
Flynn perfect contact. And, looking at the way Evan is playing with a boy
she realized that he would make a wonderful father.

Yes, and Flynn started hinted to her:
he desperately wants that in their family there was a baby. “Almost all my
friends have brothers or sisters! When someone will have me?” — sad son
Miranda. The model comforted the boy, telling him that it’s quite possible this time
close. And now, when she was the lawful wife of Evan, Kerr decided
now is the time to carry out his plan. Looking forward to how the friends of Miranda,
they have a child should be a good one: beautiful as his mother, and smart as