Minus 20 years, as Dakota, and Vlad Sokolovsky could ahead of time to pay the mortgage

Минус 20 лет: как Дакота и Влад Соколовский смогли досрочно выплатить ипотеку
Celebrity couple closed the loan in one year.

Photo: Instagram

A year ago, Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky bought an apartment of your dream: five-room apartment in the center of Moscow. His money from the guys was not enough, so they took a chance and bought a real estate mortgage.

“We thought that overestimate their power, so I took out a loan for 20 years — said Vlad and Rita in the next issue of his vloga. — It is normal practice to have a spare area and to pay the minimum monthly payment”.

Anyway, no pregnancy, no baby MIA into the world, or a couple months of maternity leave did not prevent the stars to focus on solving the main problem — the collection of funds for early repayment of the mortgage. In the end, instead of 20 years Vlad and Rita paid off the loan in one year.

“The question about why we lived as they lived, says Dakota. — People wrote and asked why we live in an “odnushke”, for example. That’s why! Then we moved to the country to parents that allowed us to save on rent, and nanny. Keep in mind, if you have such options, they should be used certainly! Now we experience indescribable feelings! This is awesome! Freedom! No loans, no parents! That is, we love our parents, but want to live separately. We will not say what that amount. But we pushed hard and managed to pay. We are happy and all advise: more exercise, close your mortgage. Now we have our own hut in Moscow! Left to accumulate for repairs.”