Millie Bobby brown is singing somewhere in the tropics

Милли Бобби Браун поет где-то в тропиках

Милли Бобби Браун поет где-то в тропиках

15-year-old girl who recently launched her own line of cosmetics and skin care, tans in the sun in a tropical locale!

15-year-old Millie Bobby brown is just adorable! Saturday, October 26, the star of “strange Affairs” shared two selfies. In these photos the skin of the young star looks perfect, but in principle it should look like a little girl. Brunette very confident posing for a selfie, the girl slightly looked away from the camera and in the background one can see the tropical scenery! Her face looked completely free of makeup, she blushed slightly and tanned on the beach. Millie has not told his followers where she was resting, but she signed photos three smilies from palm trees. But even without these signatures the background upon which were palm trees and crystal clear turquoise water showed that it is an extraordinarily beautiful tropical place. The teenager seemed to be posing on a boat, she was wearing a striped dark blue bikini top and her signature gold necklace with the letter “M”.
Recently Millie has hit the headlines of Newspapers in which it was written that she allegedly dyed her hair white, but in these photos her hair appears to be an ordinary brown!

Милли Бобби Браун поет где-то в тропиках

Good skin is definitely a priority for Millie, and a large part of the inspiration that underlies her line of beauty by Florence Mills, which was released on August 26. The line, named after her grandmother, was founded by Millie with the aim of creating products that improve the beauty of girls her age group. “I wanted to create something for himself and his generation, their friends and peers,” said the actress in a press release. “A brand that could reflect us and our expression and be good for you, easy to use and suitable for the changing, transitional, leather. To be young, in General, very difficult, so creating a product that will support all of their beauty was very important to me”.

Where Millie is on vacation, she seems to be having a great time: the teenager posted a video where she sings together with Lizza “Good As Hell” in a hotel room. “He knows my value. I am very much deserve. But now I’m not worried, I’m just resting”, October 26 said Millie in its history in Instagram.
Fans liked her natural form of relaxation, and they quickly threw comments Millie compliments! “So cute, wow”, “awesome !!!” — I wrote to her followers.

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