Милла Йовович рассказала о звездной болезни

Kudos to the actress Milla Jovovich came early enough. When the girl was 11 years old, it already knew quite a large audience. Awareness of the fact that she famous, as admitted recently Milla, then gone to her head and she “caught the star”.

Today Jovovich openly talks about his star disease and about what happened to face her family in this difficult period: “I was rude to his mother, did not want to listen to, hooked on alcohol, considered himself always and everywhere wrong — they say that nobody can do me comments, especially to request to clean up her bed, even my own mother. At 18 I thought I already went through a complete life cycle, seen everything, nothing to seek, and quietly to die.”

Milla says that the realization that acting is a profession, which you need to pay much attention that this work came to her at the age of 22 years. Until then, the star of “Blue lagoon” enjoyed all the benefits received through his work and did not aspire to career and personal growth: “Too much going on — it is hard to resist. If you take into all the clubs. Everywhere happy to see you — all parties and social events. Do you have a house, a car, you are in great demand, around celebrities, and you some 18 years!”.

Now the Mill is challenged to protect his daughter from the same mistakes: “Nonsense, one after another — that’s what I totally want for my daughter.”

Will she be able to do it, time will tell.

By the way, during his visit to Russia, on the show “Evening Urgant” Milla admitted that her daughter was creatively gifted with and most likely she will follow in her footsteps.