Lisa Maria Presley was ordered to pay court costs husband

Лизу Марию Пресли обязали оплатить судебные издержки мужа

Not only that, almost ex-husband Michael Lockwood squandered a fortune, owned by his wife, Lisa Maria Presley, so it still is obliged to pay his legal costs. And it is not more nor less – ten thousand dollars a month.

According to the publication RadarOnline, referring to court documents, the first payment was to be held on Wednesday and continue for the next five months. Fortunately, the court rejected the request of lawyers Lockwood to pay him spousal support, the court reserved the right to require the lease to pay the husband child support under the marriage contract, drawn up in 2007.
Recall that the only daughter of Elvis Presley has faced not only with the divorce and the deprivation of well-being left by her famous father. Members of the police Department of Beverly hills found a suspicious pictures of two young daughters spouses Harper and Finley Lockwood owned, and this gave them the idea of corruption. To clarify all the circumstances the girls live with her grandmother Priscilla, mother of Lisa-Marie.
“I was shocked, I was horrified by what is happening. Have no idea what else could be on these devices,” said the police 49-year-old Lisa-Marie.
Recall that Presley and Lockwood were married in 2006, and last year, that is ten years after the marriage, Lisa-Maria filed for divorce. Initially, the reason for the divorce was the financial shenanigans of her husband with her own money. The source says that Michael was a big spender and in what does not deny, in parallel, transferred money to his personal Bank account. Presley not delved into the financial Affairs until, until she came to a huge fine. Trying to figure out what’s the matter, Lisa-Marie realized with horror that in ten years of married life the husband almost let them in the world.