Майли Сайрус и Лиам Хемсворт сыграли свадьбу!

With 2009 rapidly evolving relationship scandalous Miley Cyrus and the stars of “the hunger games” Liam Hemsworth. Lovely couple broke up and survived the many vicissitudes of life, but again rallied. Despite the loss of homes due to the California fires, Miley and Liam decided to join the knot! The star played long-awaited wedding!

Майли Сайрус и Лиам Хемсворт сыграли свадьбу!

Miley has always been known for their creativity. The star shocked the public revealing outfits and crazy antics, but soon settled down. Now the star takes the melodic country, prefer natural makeup and message of the hippies. The life of a star has changed so much that to marry her beloved Cyrus decided to home. No you lush white dress and huge guest list: the event was attended by only relatives and bulky along the couple chose comfortable clothes.

Despite the fact that Vivienne Westwood is the founder of punk style in fashion, dress Cyrus turned out well, very simple, elegant and completely charming! An off-shoulder, traditional light…this creation was worth $ 8600. Flowers bride’s and groom’s boutonniere perfectly combined.

Miley’s mom Tish also expressed a preference for comfortable jeans, but for a photo dressed in a chic black suit. Senior Liam’s brother, actor Chris Hemsworth, and their father were in the same colored shirts! The wedding was also attended by younger brother Cyrus, Bryson. He came with his bride, which recently made an offer!

Recall, Bryson madly in love with my now fiancee, but I know it only a few months. Despite this, visual merchandiser Stella McBride agreed to the proposal of marriage and engagement a few even congratulated mom Tish Cyrus. “She said Yes. My life changed for the better this year in many ways, but the most stunning thing of all this is that I met and fell in love with you. Love you with all my heart and can’t wait for our wedding”, — signed photo with the ring guy.

Also Tish put a picture where you can better see an engagement ring. Instead of expensive diamonds Braison chose opal, and the decoration was done in the form of branches with leaves.

But the newly minted family of Cyrus recently lost the family nest. In instagram account, Liam posted a photo of the remnants of the house. To the ground not burned LOVE letters that had previously adorned the family nest. “It was a heartbreaking few days. This is what is left of my house. Love. Many people in Malibu and the surrounding areas in California also lost their homes, and my heart reaches out to all those affected by these fires. Yesterday I spent the day in Malibu, and it was amazing to see people coming together to help each other in any way. I love you, Malibu. Thank you to all the heroes-the firefighters of California. Stay strong,” he wrote.

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