Милана Кержакова о поездке в Тайланд: «Я не лечусь в клинике Даны Борисовой» At the end of June Milan Kerzhakov has accused her husband of child abduction, and later confessed to drug addiction. Now the player’s wife is in Thailand, where is undergoing treatment to save a marriage with Alexander.
Милана Кержакова о поездке в Тайланд: «Я не лечусь в клинике Даны Борисовой»

Alexander Kerzhakov and his wife were able to establish relations after a series of family scandals. On the eve of Milan flew to Thailand, to finally get rid of their addiction, which recently found the strength to confess.

“After the black band always comes white, believe me, from now on, I just know it. My husband and I have decided that I need to recover from all incidents, away from our bustling society,” – said Milan.

Shortly before departure, the young mother was able to see my son and in a quiet situation to solve with my husband the problems. According to Kerzhakova, the athlete will not prevent the meetings from one-year-old Artemy, however, is worried about her health.

After learning about the trip the daughter of former St. Petersburg Senator, who died last year, many immediately assumed that she was in the same hospital where long time was treated Lou Ferrigno. However, Milan denied the report.

“Working with the psychologist on family relations. I want Sasha to restore the family. But this is not a clinic Dana Borisova” – shared Milan with “StarHit”.
Милана Кержакова о поездке в Тайланд: «Я не лечусь в клинике Даны Борисовой»

We will remind, at the end of June in Milan stated that her husband took their son, but admitted later – all because she more than four months spent in a drug treatment facility. Kerzhakov said that never before had used a banned substance, but the death of his father broke it. For Milana drugs have become a kind of attempt to escape from the pain after the death of Vadim Tyulpanov. Now, however, Kerzhakov regret his own weakness that almost destroyed her family.

Milan Kerzhakov: “I’m an addict! So Sasha took his son”

“First it was alcohol, then… Sasha helped me to solve this problem, it is really against all this fighting. But at that time I heard nothing and not seen, shroud of sorrow was before my eyes, is probably not one man will not stand,” admitted Milan.