Mila kunis is incredibly thin

Мила Кунис невероятно похудела

Pregnancy for many women is not easy largely due to changes in shape, which during this period occur. Hollywood star Mila kunis, who played once in the movie ballerina (Black Swan), is no exception. Hatching daughter Wyatt Isabelle, Mila stout. Once the paparazzi caught kunis at a walk, and after, made then the photos became subject of numerous memes and collages. On photo “to” Mila was pictured on the red carpet, in the photo “after” — in ordinary life, they say, looks like a Hollywood diva in the morning and without makeup.

Мила Кунис невероятно похудела

The other day Mila wiped his nose all, who once criticized her appearance. The actress has largely transformed and noticeably thinner. Yesterday the paparazzi photographed the star about the Studio of Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she arrived with her husband Ashton Kutcher.

Kunis looked fresh and fit. Apparently, Mila spends time in the gym than one hour a week, besides watching your diet.

Do you think the actress is prettier?

Мила Кунис невероятно похудела


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