Residents of Krasnoyarsk appealed to Leonardo DiCaprio for help

Жители Красноярска обратились к Леонардо Ди Каприо за помощью

On the platform appeared a petition addressed to a number of world figures, including Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio, Prince albert II of Monaco and even the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon< /strong>. Signatory Krasnoyarsk residents asking for the above mentioned persons to save the city from environmental catastrophe.

Жители Красноярска обратились к Леонардо Ди Каприо за помощью
Citizens concerned about environmental conditions long ago. According to the information submitted in the petition, only four months of this year on the territory of the city almost a month operated mode of adverse weather conditions. For example, in 2010 the rate was 16 5 days per year.
“During the last years Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk constantly gets into the top of the list, which means that it is the city with most polluted air. This all affects the health of local residents. The high concentration of harmful substances in the air resulted in mass diseases of the blood and liver and the growth of oncological diseases and child mortality” — reads the petition.

Residents of Krasnoyarsk believe that the cause of all their troubles is to work large industrial facilities that violate the legislation in the sphere of atmospheric air protection and did not take any action to reduce emissions.
All residents complaints are ignored because of “powerful political lobby at the highest level.” The Krasnoyarsk citizens does not remain anything else how to appeal to the world community and world culture personalities involved in the protection of nature, to pay attention to the current in their city situation.
“The only way to affect the disastrous state of the environment, only how we can fight the tyranny of oligarchs and cowardly indifference of the Russian officials. Only the widest possible publicity can prevent environmental disaster whose hostages we were. Before it’s too late” — reads the petition.
Recall that upon receiving his Oscar from the residents of Yakutia, Leonardo DiCaprio also commented on the deplorable ecological situation in the region.

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