Мила Кунис и Эштон Катчер едва не погибли во время отпуска The famous couple have legalized relationship about three years ago. Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher don’t like to talk about living together, but Mila recently decided to do something nice for fans of the exception of and remembered in one of the shows about dangerous honeymoon.
Мила Кунис и Эштон Катчер едва не погибли во время отпуска

The couple Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher belong to the category of celebrities who don’t like to put personal life on public display. Couple together for six years, three years Ashton and Mila are legally married. At this time, the actors are growing up a daughter and a son. Recently kunis has become the heroine of this program, Jimmy Fallon, in which he decided to recall to the audience about the brightest moments of life with Kutcher.

After the wedding the young went to honeymoon in the car with living quarters in the van. With them was a ten month old daughter and the parents of Ashton.

“If you ever watched movies from the National Lampoon, you can imagine how was our trip. I’m not exaggerating! Not saying this specifically to you laughed. The journey was really in the spirit of National Lampoon,” Mila shared.
Мила Кунис и Эштон Катчер едва не погибли во время отпуска

Not only that, the whole family went, according to the actress, “can”, ahead of them waited a large number of hazards. In a hot desert in the machine air-conditioning is broken, causing the pair decided to go into the Studio. Then they failed Navigator: pointed the wrong road, and the couple was on a dangerous dirt road. On this adventure of Hollywood stars ended.

“Campsites were chosen by my wonderful mother-in-law, but she doesn’t use the Internet. Instead, she has books. When she offered to finish the trip in NAPA, I thought, what could be so bad. So, camping was not in the city, and an hour away from him next to two prisons,” this kunis now says with a smile, and then she was not amused.

Young parents decided not to risk it and went home. Mila also touched on the topic of past relationships loved one with actress demi Moore.

Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher surprised by his behavior of the residents of Chernivtsi

“They were normal, real relationship. Together they raised three children, demi from her marriage to Bruce Willis, and just led a normal family life. He was younger, but he loved those children,” said the actress.