Звезду сериала «Сваха» похоронили в Москве In the capital said goodbye to the famous theater actress Natalia Kuznetsova. To star in the latest journey came to her many friends, colleagues and fans.
Звезду сериала «Сваха» похоронили в Москве

The news of the death of Natalya Kuznetsova was a big surprise for her fans. Indeed, on the theater stage 55-year-old star always light, and its energy could only envy.

For her acting exploits Kuznetsova was hiding a serious illness from which eventually died in the intensive care unit of a Moscow hospital. It was there held the ceremony of farewell with a star, visited by her colleagues and friends.

After this close Natalya went on the Mitinsky cemetery where she was buried.

Earlier, representatives of the Yermolova theatre, where she worked as an actress, said that her death came as a great surprise for colleagues.

“This is very sudden, huge loss for all of us. Natalia Kuznetsova graduated from GITIS , studied in the course of Vladimir Andreyev. The Yermolova theatre actress played in the play “Duck hunt-90”, “Poverty not a Vice”, “the Archive of Countess D, “my Life, or you dreamed of me?” “Battle angels,” “mistress into maid” and many others. Memory of Natalia Kuznetsova will remain forever in our memory, in our hearts,” — said in an official statement posted on the website of the theatre.
Звезду сериала «Сваха» похоронили в Москве

By the way, the Yermolova theatre was a real second home for the deceased actress. She worked on the stage since 1984, becoming a mentor and friend to many local artists. The star was entrusted with the most difficult dramatic roles, although Comedy was successful in her glory.

Natalia Kuznetsova was known to a wide audience. Since the mid-2000s, she began actively to act in films and serials. In particular, star has worked on such popular projects as “the Beagle,” “the Matchmaker”, “Zhukov” and other.

By the way, relatives and friends Kuznetsova still prefer not to disclose precise diagnosis, which died a popular artist. Anyway, the fans are sure that the memory of Natalia will live forever in the hearts of admirers of her work.