Михаил Жванецкий мог попасть в тюрьму за взятку Friends of the satirist opened the “StarHit” some of the details of his past. In 1995-m to year, speaking to senior officials from the Prosecutor’s office, Mikhail Zhvanetsky got into an awkward situation from which he was able to adequately reach. On the occasion of the birthday of the artist, his entourage shared a very fascinating history.

      Михаил Жванецкий мог попасть в тюрьму за взятку

      Today, March 6, the satirist is 83 years old. Despite its age, zhvanetski tours extensively – recently returned to Moscow after performances in Germany. From the stage he jokes already more than fifty years, but close to note that in everyday life comedian to entertain others does not like big companies prefer to remain silent.

      “We met his Car at the dawn of his career, says “StarHit” his friend, the designer Alexander Petrovsky. – Often used in any kind of gatherings all go bad and begin to ask Mike to tell you a funny story. Like, you are a comedian, let’s clear the air! But he almost always refused to gag custom made for twenty people seated at the table, not for him.

      Once at one event which often were high-ranking officials, zhvanetskogo dead easy to amuse guests. He gave up and told the story, but such a vulgar, swear that all around person povydergivali. There was an awkward pause, began disapproving whispers… zhvanetskogo rescued Joseph Kobzon, who exclaimed: “what are you bigots, here’s supplements!” And gave an even more inappropriate story… After that incident from zhvanetskogo behind. Mike itself is boring, all loves order and sometimes even overly cautious. He always never really liked to speak to the Ministers of law and order, indeed, in his Arsenal there were many jokes on the brink of a foul just about the officials.
      Михаил Жванецкий мог попасть в тюрьму за взятку

      But he knew: people of this level of failure, I will block oxygen and make your masterpieces Zhvanetsky will not be on the main stages of the country, and in the hallways. So had no time to read the monologues in… the bath where he was invited to the KGB. Mike talked about how the generals were rolling with laughter at his tales, and after the “official part” necessarily left him to drink beer, eat crawfish – he loves them. Once asked: “is Not terrible one to him in the steam room to go? For a sharp tongue will give you a broom on the ridge, will not find it!” What Zhvanetskiy joked: “why be afraid? I’m a big, soon 50 years banging”.

      Михаил Жванецкий мог попасть в тюрьму за взятку

      In the mid-1990s he was invited to speak in Prosecutor’s office. In a large conference room with a capacity of 300 people all came, from the General to the cleaners. Especially for zhvanetskogo allocated the room in which he was preparing to go on stage. The audience greeted the satirist with a Bang, behind the scenes of Misha spent in a flurry of applause… He went to the dressing room, and behind him went to the enforcement officer.

      I went in, and he held out the envelope – say, will receive a fee for the work. Zhvanetsky is looking at a white rectangle and says, “in office of public Prosecutor to me leftist is not enough…” And put his hands behind his back. He calms down and continues: take, you deserve it, we love you so! Zhvanetskiy but not inferior: “I will Not take it! Do you think I am crazy to take this money? What if they labeled? And take me under white ruchenki right here – the good, not far to seek”. The guy tried to explain that he had orders from his superiors to hand over the envelope, if not fulfilled, will be under the cap. And watching the eyes of devotees.

      Zhvanetsky thought and suggested: “Want to thank you for the work? Wear the official list, which stipulates that this money will be used to me by law.” The guy scratched his head and went to do as told. Five minutes brought non-believing artist of the Talmud, opened to the desired page, and then count: “Fee, Mikhail Zhvanetsky – 15 rubles.” Only then the friend calmed down and took the money. And then often joked, they say, still they were not quite legitimate, because it is not picked up income tax of 13%. The fee for the performance Zhvanetskiy was called “leftist, verging on insanity” and often liked to tell the story of its receipt – but only in the company of those closest to you”.