Михаил Турецкий устроил кулинарный мастер-класс для дочери The artist gave the heiress a memorable holiday. For the triumph of the musician planned tour schedule to attend the event. The daughter of Michael Turkish, Emmanuel celebrated its 11th anniversary. The girl received lots of gifts.

      Михаил Турецкий устроил кулинарный мастер-класс для дочери

      Over the weekend his 11th birthday was celebrated the daughter of people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Turetsky and his wife Liana. By tradition, the family celebrated the date creatively – staged the first bachelorette party for Emmanuelle. The birthday girl with her mother and seven-year-old sister Beate went to the salon, where you can fully be collected to the event. The girls enjoy trying on different images, made a Cup of tea and launched balloons for the occasion. Next, the guests were fun quests.

      The culmination of the evening was a cooking class where the whole family with a famous father Michael Turkish, the mother of the Vine, sisters Sarina and Beate, grandmother Dina, and invited guests, the birthday girl was preparing the real Italian pasta, carrot cake and other Goodies. After cooking there was a warm family party, a master class from the bartender and the game “Mafia”. Then all the bridesmaids went to visit Emmanuel for a bachelorette party.

      “It’s important for me that my daughter grew decent and harmonious personality, could find themselves in life and be successful in your profession”, – shared his impressions the people’s artist.
      Михаил Турецкий устроил кулинарный мастер-класс для дочери

      Despite a heavy touring schedule, Michael has planned everything so that this day to spend in Moscow with her daughter.

      In your birthday Emmanuel received many gifts and surprises. The parents gave the child hydrometer, the younger sister Beata toy, where you need to keep the balance, and the older sister Sarina and Natasha – fashionable gadgets. Among the gifts were the jumpers, clothing and various other surprises from family friends.

      Михаил Турецкий устроил кулинарный мастер-класс для дочери

      All the guests wished Emmanuel not to lose, and only strengthen those traits that are already inherent in the girl, in the future it could be realized as a full-fledged artist. Emma plays a lot of music, played with the famous father at the Kremlin concerts, solo gala concert of the Turetsky Choir and Soprano in red square, and also at the song Festivals in Kazakhstan. By the way, fans of Emmanuelle from Alma-ATA sent the birthday girl a plane with a big bouquet of red roses, in length above the girls.