Mikhail politseymako spoke about conflicts in the family and beating his wife

Михаил Полицеймако заговорил о конфликтах в семье и избиении жены The actor was the guest of the program “the Secret to a million.” Mikhail politseymako accuse the former spouse in inappropriate behavior. Now the son of man from his first marriage lives with his father, but continues to communicate with her mother.
Михаил Полицеймако заговорил о конфликтах в семье и избиении жены

Mikhail politseymako for 12 years happily married to wife Larissa. The actor has repeatedly confessed to the wife in love, noting that it remains for him the perfect woman. However, the previous relationship, the man prefers not to extend. Olga Lysak he tries not to communicate because of its heavy nature.

In the program “the Secret to a million,” Michael told about the problems of ex-wife with health. According to the actor, the woman’s behavior was causing him great concern.

“I think it’s weird when a man lives by hate for 16 years. She has come from her family in terms of health. Then these problems become manifest. But I’m not going to treat it to help, I already got the story,” shared politseymako.
Михаил Полицеймако заговорил о конфликтах в семье и избиении жены

Michael couldn’t see his son from his first marriage. According to the actor, the ex-wife did not allow him to meet with the child, despite consistently paid child support. However, at the age of 13 years old Nikita had expressed a desire to live with his father.

Politseymako admitted that the son moved out of his mother because of her health problems. The boy found it difficult to live in constant stress and to endure the fights of their parents.

“One day when nick was 11, I saw him in the company of his mother and a stranger to men who smoked and drank. After that was a real scandal. And at 13 he called and said he wanted to live with me. He just wanted peace of mind! Know where he slept after the move? On the floor, as we had no space. Then Larissa bought him a sofa. The child was ready to sleep anywhere, so got it,” said politseymako.

16-year-old Nikita was also a guest Studio. The young man likes to live with his father, but he continues to communicate with the mother. The heir politseymako calling her mother and visits her. However, to return to old house, he is not going, because now all the thoughts of the owner of starry names associated with a theatrical career.

Communicating with Leroy Kudryavtseva Mikhail politseymako mentioned that there was another conflict with the former spouse. Then the man did not hesitate to strike ex-lover for her inappropriate behavior.

“She came to my mother to sort things out. In the end, began to argue and pushed her. Mom fell and immediately called me. I was just furious, like a mother to me is very dear. I arrived, and she’s rowdy. Well, I knocked her out with a left. After that we went to the police, wrote a statement”, – said Mikhail.

The man is not ashamed of such an act, because with it he could protect his mother. Now the parent politseymako lives with him. Despite his advanced age, Mary V. continues to play in the theater and all help his son.

Today Mikhail politseymako happy with wife Larisa. Their relationship began even before the first marriage of the actor, and the feelings eventually got the better of the stamp in the passport. The couple has two daughters and tries to spend all free time together.