Мигель запускает уникальный проект The choreographer will mentor the summer camp “PROТАНЦЫ”. The organizers say that the analog events in the country. In the summer on the Black sea will gather many professionals from around the world to teach the art of dance.

      Мигель запускает уникальный проект

      After the great success of the project “Dancing” on TNT, the contest organizers decided to expand the activity and to organize a dance “Camp PROТАНЦЫ”. As organizers promise, on the same site on the Black sea will bring together professional choreographers and dancers from around the world to teach everyone the art of dance.

      “Camp “PROТАНЦЫ” is created for those who want to learn to dance and get a unique experience from choreographers of international renown, leading teachers and talented participants of the project “Dancing”, and also to find new friends and get to know the people for whom the dances became a way of life,” says creative producer of educational dance programs Miguel.

      The organizers promise to collect star teachers, are famous around the world – choreographer of the acclaimed dance Saga “Step up”, professionals who worked with Britney Spears, Missy Elliot and many others.

      Within the program your skill will also share leading choreographers of the project “DANCING” on TNT: Ekaterina Reshetnikova, Alexei Shaburov, Vitaliy Klimenko (Screw) and mentor of the project – Miguel. Participants and finalists of the show will be training together with the participants of the program. The organizers have ambitious plans for the project.

      “To date, the analogue of our dance camp in Russia. The opening caused a growing interest in the dance culture due to the success of the show “Dancing” on TNT. From the first of January 2016 successfully launched dance center “PROТАНЦЫ”, and here we are launching another project – “Camp PROТАНЦЫ” in Sochi. And we can safely say that this is a socially significant project, which aims to promote healthy and sporty lifestyle, to solve problems of leisure time of adolescents and the development of a huge layer of dance culture,” – commented on the development of producer Comedy Club Production Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov.

      I must say that the sensational project on TNT “Dances” became the springboard for many talented dancers. The participants are shot in clips of different performers, and their names became known throughout the country.

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