Микки Рурк задолжал за квартиру
The landlord demanded from the actor the money through the courts.

Mickey Rourke

Photo: MICKEY ROURKE (@mickey_rourke

‘rourke threaten new troubles. The owner of the house in new York at 114 Franklin Street, where the latter lived for several years, 64-year-old actor, accused the star
that Mickey owed him about 30 thousand dollars of rent. And now the owner wants to receive the money with interest for delay in payment and compensation for damage caused Rourke to his home.

moved into this house in November of 2014, intending to live there for 18 months. And
then, in the spring of 2016, has extended his contract with the landlord. However, since October
last year stopped to pay the appropriate fee. When he finally and
failing to pay debts, moved out of the apartment, the owner of the building, to his horror, found
the room suffered significant damage. According to him, Mickey was left in the walls numerous holes, ruined the tub, broke the lock on
the front door. Besides, Rourke what was installed on the ceiling lamp, which
usually used at discos, for
which opened and damaged the wiring. And now, Rourke seems to have
to compensate the damage.

by the way, the actor known for his fascination with alcohol and young women, not for the first time accused of barbaric treatment of occupied
them with housing. So, in 1994, he was evicted from the Plaza Hotel, where he
rented a room that cost 5,000 dollars a night. Then he defeated
were there furniture, for which he had to pay, in compensation,
$ 20,000.