Данила Козловский отпраздновал день рождения мамы
The actor stayed in St. Petersburg, not to miss a significant date.

Данила Козловский отпраздновал день рождения мамы

Danila Kozlovsky mom Hope Zvenigorod

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya

Danila Kozlovsky celebrated the birthday of his mother —
actress Hopes Zvenigorod. The party was held in Saint-Petersburg in one
from trendy restaurants. Loving son was this day with the birthday girl. Besides, on the eve of the Maly Drama theatre of Europe, which serves as
Kozlovsky, closed season, and the actor stayed in
hometown for a few days.

“Yesterday my Mother turned 66 years, — says Danila. Is
the photo was taken a few hours ago. Mom, I love you very much. How do we
your sons are lucky to have you in our lives. And you’re so beautiful. Whether
happy. I wish you that. Your average”.

Daniel loves mommy and extremely grateful for
she renounced the career for him and his brothers. After
Shchukin school, Hope worked in the Mosconcert a lot of touring. Then
she had to make a choice: motherhood or a career. She chose family. 34
year gave birth to son, Yegor, two years later, gave him a brother Daniel, and soon
born and third son of Ivan. When came 90 years
Zvenigorod finally devoted himself to the education of their sons. And only in
recent years began to appear in the episodes and a small social
the rollers. When Daniel got to his feet, he opened
for mom the door to the world of cinema.

It is known that in the movie “Status: free” where the actor played
the main role and acted as the producer of the film, it is the insistence of Daniel role
mom his hero played Zvenigorod. After shooting ended, Hope almost immediately, also with her son, started to work in more
a large-scale project — a film “Crew”.