Мишель Уильямс затронула скандальную тему на сцене премии «Эмми»

Last night, 22 September, 2019 in Los Angeles hosted the annual “Emmy”. The winner in the nomination “Best actress in a miniseries or TV movie” was the actress Michelle Williams. The purpose of the stars was not a reward that evening, and prepared a speech in which he touched on pressing the issue – equal pay for men and women.

Мишель Уильямс затронула скандальную тему на сцене премии «Эмми»

“I am grateful to the studios of FX and Fox 21 Studios for the support and equal pay, because they understand how important it is to appreciate the man and his work. When I asked for more dance lessons, I answered Yes. Asked for another wig — I’d let him have. More singing lessons, please. My bosses never pretend to know better than me what I need. I believe that equal pay is a recognition that the woman can trust that she is safe and feels universal respect, not to be afraid to voice their needs and be heard. So the next time a woman (especially black woman), which earns two times less than white men for similar work, and will put forward some demands, listen to her, believe her! Because one day she can stand before you and say thank you for helping her to achieve success without putting her obstacles” — these words were spoken by Michelle on stage.

She also stressed that the pay gap between women and men have equal not only in film, but in entertainment too.

After receiving the statuette journalists continued to chat with the winner of the award, but outside of the scene. Star with pleasure answered questions. With a smile she said that this act might be for her the beginning of the end of a career. However, it was important to say this speech from the stage where it’ll be heard by millions. “If I hadn’t done it publicly, I wouldn’t be satisfied” — this phrase ended the interview actress.

Michelle Williams is already quite often raised the issue of equal pay. There are official figures, which include fees for work on the project “All the money in the world”. Fee Michelle was about one thousand dollars, when her male colleagues have received $ 1.5 million. A celebrity then was very indignant, she realized that a woman can never have the same wage as a man, but she will have to bear more and the burden of household chores.


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