Мишель Пфайффер запустит линию здоровой еды

Move Over, Gwyneth! Now to promote healthy diet and lifestyle will be the actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Hollywood star in dark sunglasses and under an assumed name the celebrity arrived at the Natural Products Expo held in Anaheim, California.
57-year-old Michelle, who has long been a vegetarian, was seen in conversation with other exhibitors. How did you learn to journalists, the artist is going to open its own line of healthy food.

“Michelle was wearing dark glasses. It was held between the rows, interested products, and talking with businessmen-participants of the exhibition. She negotiated license agreements and the launch of a new line of healthy products for health and wellbeing” -said the insider.
Vegetarian Michelle was in 2012 after he watched a documentary “the Last heart attack”. It described the prevention of heart attack, and that former U.S. President bill Clinton decided to become a vegetarian. In a 2013 interview Pfeiffer said: “I lived on cigarettes, coffee and Coca-Cola. Remember how I decided to try to become a vegan like Clinton. I have eliminated meat and dairy products, and two months later the cholesterol level was normalized, and I felt much better. Now I don’t smoke and learn to meditate”.

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