Steven Tyler’s novel the assistant, his Junior by forty years

У Стивена Тайлера роман с ассистенткой, младше его на сорок лет

Frontman “The Aerosmith” Steven Tyler had an affair with a woman younger than his 40 years, and even his slave. About the novel the aged rocker and his 28-year-old assistant Amy Ann Preston reports the edition

In March, Stephen marks 68 years, but his inner self is not affected.
“Steven still behaves like a teenager, and it is not surprising that he prefers women who are much younger than him” — said the source.
New boyfriend Tyler first saw in 2015 in Hawaii. Even then, everyone has noticed that their relationship is not reminiscent business. And Steven and not be ashamed to appear with a new lover in public – after the award ceremony, the Oscars, the couple even appeared at the party of Elton John.
By the way, Amy is ten years younger than the youngest daughter Liv Tyler, which has already turned 38 years old.
To Preston Steven got engaged to Erin Brady, who was also much Marche rocker.

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