Михаил Галустян получил взятку
The actor participated in the show “Improvisation”

Galustian And Will

Photo: TNT

In the next edition of the show
“Improvisation” on TNT on a visit to the comic and Paul Will come Michael Galustyan! The actor made the improvisers to play
Japanese short film, to become slower than a turtle and to participate in
the competition of brutality. The hosts of the show not in debt left and tried
themselves to confuse Mikhail Galustyan, giving him a bribe. It turned out as always,
funny. The flames of laughter said Sergey Matvienko with the grandmother of the devil in
improvisation “Party”, Dmitri Pozov and Anton Shastun with an unusual application
ordinary objects, as well as Arseniy Popov of elite alcohol in
“Stun guns”.

“This is one of the most
live Comedy shows on our television because it’s happening here
and now, you become a participant in the events, — said Mikhail. — Guys
big rock, because the genre of improvisation one of the most difficult. I really
liked, and thank you Pasha Will, who came to my aid at the right
moments. Received great pleasure from the show!”