Майкл Дуглас станет дедом в первый раз
The eldest son of actor wants to start a new life.

Michael Douglas with his son Cameron


As it became known,
girlfriend 38-year-old Cameron Michael Douglas — the actor’s son from his first marriage — is expecting Douglas Jr. of the firstborn.
This child will be the first grandchild on 72-year-old actor, who has two children from his second marriage with Catherine Zeta-Jones is 17-year-old Dylan and 14-year-old Caris.

The mother of the future
“Chad” Cameron — a 39-year-old Viviane Thibes. Vivian was born in Brazil (Sao Paulo) and moved to the United States when she
was 19 years old. Here she graduated from College, where he specialized in
the theater arts. Although, as an actress, she has not yet achieved popularity,
she starred in several films, including the Brazilian
crime drama La Rina.

With Cameron Vivian started Dating in
last year, shortly after the eldest son of Douglas, was released from
conclusion. Recall that Cameron has been in prison for 7 years for drugs. Originally
he was sentenced to five years, after tried to sell prohibited
substances police officer who worked undercover. But then Douglas, Jr.
added two more years because his ex-girlfriend managed to smuggle him a “dope”
in jail.

This spring, Cameron nearly ended up behind bars
again when he failed another test for the presence of blood drug
substances, which he was obliged to undergo regular. However, the judge decided to give
eldest Son of Douglas another chance and left him at liberty.