Мужчины с детьми погибли при крушении лодки под Челябинском Rescuers are searching the ship, which sank near the village of toguzak. According to reports of the interior Ministry of Russia in the region, we are searching for another person. The RF IC is investigating the causes of the tragedy, a criminal case.
Мужчины с детьми погибли при крушении лодки под Челябинском

In the night of Monday in the dam near the village toguzak capsized boat, in which, as reported, there were five people. According to some, they were all drowned. Two people who remained on the shore and tried to help those in trouble, also disappeared. During the rescue operation workers of the security services pulled out of the reservoir Maxim bodies of six drowned, among whom were four children. According to some reports, the boat capsized because of overloading.

“Currently, there are six of those killed in the capsize of the boat — two men 1979 and 1972 years of birth, and four children, of whom three pupils and two year old child. Rescuers are searching for another missing men 1981 year of birth”, – said the press service of the MIA of Russia in the region.

As we know, Maksim pond is not for swimming or for boating. Employee GUMCHS Michael Yurin said that the rescuers continue to look for the boat that sank. Besides, verified information about the number of people who were on the ship. The investigative Committee began to understand the reasons which led to the tragedy, a criminal case under article “Causing of death on imprudence to two and more persons”.

As reported by local media, during the river walk was completely calm, and the boat capsized 50 metres from the shore. According to some, the depth of that place was a mere 1.5 meters. In the search operation involved 76 people, and involved 23 units. Later, MOE said that people don’t follow safety rules.

“A few people decided to take the boat, which was on the shore. None of them life jacket not put on as jackets simply did not exist”, – stated in the message.

Recall that for the last month is not the first incident on the water. About a week ago on lake Ladoga capsized boat with five teenagers. Only two guys managed to escape, the fate of three is unknown. With the beginning of the search were examined in 295 square kilometers of water area, but the bodies of the drowned children was never found.