Eugene Aspen’s legs were paralyzed

У Евгения Осина отнялись ноги Singer seeks money for surgery. Evgeny Osin admitted that he had back problems which caused the deterioration. According to the artist, close does not support it.
У Евгения Осина отнялись ноги

The star of the ‘ 90s, singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” is bedridden.

“Two weeks ago I refused the lower limbs, – says the “StarHit” 52-year-old Evgeny Osin. Because of back problems. I live alone, hardly move around the apartment. The feeling that crawl on sharp knives. In addition, I have a broken shoulder – fails hit a concrete wall last month.

Require multiple surgeries health just passed. To hold your guitar can’t, and watch performances on stage and not have to forget. Sadly, fans have come to see me funny guy in bell-bottom pants, and now there’s nothing left.”
У Евгения Осина отнялись ноги

The singer is required to carry out extracorporeal shock wave therapy. But the musician is not even 5-6 thousand rubles for a consultation.

“I need a hospital – continues aspens. But the purse is empty. Latest savings took the TV crew, who promised to remove the story about me and was assured that they would send for treatment abroad. I let them into the apartment. A few weeks feeding, wasting my time, they lied to me… trouble me no support, all by myself.

У Евгения Осина отнялись ногиThe house in agony, Agnes daughter and ex-wife Natalia forgot, don’t call. The doctors say he might need surgery at a cost of 60 thousand, then crutches and even a wheelchair. The work I have, of copyright transfers, too. It remains only to ask for help from people!”

Recall that in 2016 Osin admitted that he was done with the abuse of alcohol. The artist began to help the family. As told the man, he paid the debt for child support, but has also established contacts with the heiress agniey.

Star 90s Evgeny Osin: “I’ve stopped drinking and reconciled with his daughter”

“We communicate mainly by phone and Internet – shared Eugene with “StarHit”. – Unfortunately, we rarely see each other, because Agnes lives with her mom in another area. This year he graduated from music school going to go to extra courses. She has beautiful vocals – the nature does not rest on the child, as they say. She writes wonderful poems, compose melodies – have ready two albums of songs. In addition, Agnes plays the drums – I recently gave her a silent drum kit had fun and the neighbors are not tortured. Happy with her progress – I think everything about it still will hear.”

Previously, aspen has repeatedly complained that Agnes refused to contact with him because of his alcoholism. Apparently, Eugene renounced alcohol in order to properly communicate with the heiress.