Melania trump left Donald at the beginning of their relationship due to infidelity

Мелания Трамп бросила Дональда в начале их отношений из-за измен

Journalists continue to delve into the biography of Donald trump, each time revealing new details in his novels. This time the media have published the message that Melania, doubting the fidelity of her boyfriend, broke up with Donald in the beginning of the relationship. Learned this information, the journalist Ronald Kessler, who has extensively studied the biography of the first lady.

Мелания Трамп бросила Дональда в начале их отношений из-за измен

It all began in 1998 at fashion Week in new York. The American billionaire went to the Slovenian model, with the maiden name of Knaus and asked for her phone number. Initially, the girl refused to Trump, but the card took. After a time she called Donald and so began their romance.

Once Melania came to Trump Tower to her lover and met with his former girlfriend model Cara Yang. “He met with Kara for almost two years. And what did Melania? She dumped him! She said, “I don’t care about his billions of dollars. I’m leaving.” Then called the Mar-a-Lago and asked the staff to send her clothes. The reaction Melania made a Donald impression, and he tried to return a jealous girl,” writes Kessler in the book.

According to the journalists, novels trump had a lot, right now Melania tries not to react to their publicity in the press. Recently the host of CBS’s Anderson Cooper interviewed the 39-year-old actress of films for adults, where Donald was having an affair.

In an interview, Daniels said that after the current President of unidentified people threatened her, trying to silence.
To associate themselves with the movement #MeToo actress was not, after all, does not consider its relationship with Donald rape. She voluntarily agreed to go to bed with trump. Stormy said he first met the President at the 2006 Golf tournament. A few months before that Donald and Melania was born a son, Barron. The relationship of the actress and the businessman has occurred under the pretext of his participation in the reality show “the Apprentice.” The man invited Stormy to his hotel room to make an offer.

A year later, the proposal remain valid and trump invited the actress to discuss the details — the bungalows of the Beverly Hills hotel. However, the second time the actress has refused sexual relationship with Donald, which after a time she called and said that on the show she was not accepted.

To remain silent about their relationship trump didn’t ask, so in 2011, Stormy decided to talk about communication in an interview with InTouch for 15 thousand dollars. However, the fee to her was not fate, because the publication asked for comments to the Trump. To communicate directly with the businessman failed, and his lawyer has threatened them with litigation, because of what an interview is not released.