Мелу Гибсону предложили снять сиквел «Отряда самоубийц»

Last summer, the premiere of the film “suicide Squad” Director David Ayer. This blockbuster high hopes, fans waited for its release with anticipation of something memorable. When the painting was presented to the audience, many felt a sense of great frustration.

“Suicide squad” due to the wide promotional campaigns managed to attract to viewing a large audience, making, in fact, collected the cash (more than $ 700 million). But after watching the film, many viewers had the impression of vagueness, because that will be filmed for a sequel, no one had any doubts.

The preparation for the continuation of the “suicide Squad” has begun.

Now Warner Bros. in conjunction with DC looking for a Director who would be able to rehabilitate this history in the eyes of those who remained it is extremely dissatisfied. One of the main contenders for the Director’s chair is Mel Gibson. We will remind, more recently, after a 10-year-old strike due to his behavior in front of him again, opened the door to the world of cinema.

Warner Bros. have already offered Gibson to shoot a sequel film, but the final answer is not yet received. In addition to the Australian actor and Director discusses the nomination of Ruben Fleischer (“Zombieland”), Daniel Espinosa (“access Code “Cape town””) and Jonathan Levine (“Warm bodies”).

David Ayer however far from the “suicide Squad” is not going away.

He will do a spin-off of the blockbuster and will star the film is dedicated to the sweetheart of the Joker and Harley Quinn.