Блейк Лайвли против современных стандартов красоты

Blake lively is one of the most stylish celebrities of Hollywood. The output of the actress in the light is always impeccable, well thought out, concise, beautiful. But the star of “Gossip girl” insists on the fact that the official appearances of real life have nothing in common, because she encourages girls not to be mistaken about how to look like celebrities “life”.

“We have really unrealistic standards of beauty, — says the actress. — What you see on red carpets and in magazines, requires the efforts of many professionals. People don’t understand that all very well thought out. Little girls don’t know what kind of celebrity you start your morning, although they are no less beautiful.”

Blake says that his daughters it since childhood, will show you not fancy the world of star life, but on the contrary reality in which they are to grow: “I began to wonder, who grown up daughters, looking at all this. It is important that they know — they show an unreal life. They see me with hair and makeup, and without. I want them to see both sides, because there is not just one”.

Recall now lively engrossed in caring for children and family. Last fall, Blake gave birth to a daughter Inez. Also the family has a daughter Jamie, which is 2 years.