Мел Би подшутила над Викторией Бекхэм

The fate of the popular 90s group the Spice Girls worried fans. The group disbanded in 2008, but to this day its member States want to reunite. All the girls that were previously performed cult hits, not against once again to reunite and go on tour. Prevents this only Victoria Beckham who no longer engaged in a music career, and moved into the fashion industry.

Мел Би подшутила над Викторией Бекхэм

A few days ago, star world celebrated Halloween. At the annual party Heidi Klum was hot, and not just the large amount of big-name stars. Mel b (one of the participants of the Spice Girls) decided to play a trick on his former colleague. She made fun of the reluctance of the Wiki again perform the hits with the band and appeared at the event in a slinky black dress and a mask with the face of Beckham. In her hands was a sign saying: “No, I’m not going to tour.” She was accompanied by her friend Gary Madatyan in the image of David Beckham with a sign: “Please do this for fans of the Spice Girls”.

Victoria herself has not commented on the joke. Party supermodels she missed and celebrated Halloween with children in London.

We will remind that earlier there were rumors about the reunion of the Spice Girls. In an interview to a radio show Heart Emma bunton shared details of the meeting, all participants of group Spice Girls, after which they decided will be reunited. Emma said that the last time all together, the Spice Girls were together in their original line-up six years ago. It happened in 2012, closing night of the London Olympics.

“Since then, we, of course, met individually. But to gather again all together we were able only recently. Each of us was in town, and we agreed that we’ll do it. I don’t think any of us expected to spend such a lovely evening. We remembered old times, talked about the children — it was perfect. Then everyone settled down at the table in the living room, Jerry, brought us the food we ordered: sushi and salads. Had a Cup of tea and a bit of Prosecco. It was great to see everyone. I have enjoyed this meeting. We talked for hours,” says Emma.

For participation in the project each of the participants receives 10 thousand pounds. The tricky question of the presenter, not whether they proposed the money became the main reason of reunification, Emma laughed. “Ha ha. No, we offer many other opportunities that we want to implement. We like to add some female power to the world. Most importantly, we teamed up together again. By the way, you will need to get together again. Because we talked for hours, and then only came to my senses that all of us are waiting for children,” says Emma.

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