Mel b is completely naked in Instagram

Мел Би полностью обнажилась в Instagram

The former participant of group Spice Girls advocate for women’s right to physical disabilities.

41-year-old Melanie brown stripped naked (how else to attract the attention of the audience?) and appealed to followers of his official account on Instagram: “As a woman, I accept their flaws and feel comfortable in your own body. And I have absolutely no desire somehow to improve it. Girls, we should love ourselves for who we are.”

What own shortcomings Mel has in mind, she said. Perhaps the singer wanted to gather assurances for their own perfection, and it succeeded – in subscribers willing to pour compliments. In fact, looking at her photos, it’s hard not to suspect the Chalk in some craftiness. Now, if she scored a couple of dozen extra pounds, it would be curious to see how she would put up with this reflection in the mirror…

Melanie recently recorded a new song with the ex-Spice Girls member Emma bunton and Jerry hollywell – since it is impossible to revive the band, which they all glorified, three “peppercorns” decided to unite under a new trio called the GEM.