Меган Фокс рассказала, как объединяет работу и материнство

While watching Megan Fox is very difficult to imagine how this tiny woman can be a mom of just three kids. It is not even about the body of an attractive actress, just being a mom, working in Hollywood – the mission was not easy.

Меган Фокс рассказала, как объединяет работу и материнство

Recently, the celebrity gave a courageous interview in which he poured out his soul to reporters. The movie star, now 33 years old and, as she admits, the start of a career is the most difficult period of her life, because in the film industry of Hollywood, there are plenty of disadvantages.

In the early 2000’s, she could not bear the injustice which has prevailed in its work. Producers and Directors can contact pretty girl with different indecent proposals, and the actors-men have always received the fee in 2 times above. Megan publicly cursing, fighting with peers, defending their rights. After this behavior began everywhere to chase the paparazzi and the press wrote that “the hysterical actress” does not want to work with the best Directors of Hollywood.

It was then that Megan Fox was overwhelmed with emotions, and overcome depression helped her with the birth of a child. “I think I had a real psychological breakdown, when I just didn’t want to do anything. The birth of the first child changed my mind and opened my mind. The appearance of kids definitely changed me for the better,” confirms the actress.

While Megan Fox has noticed that so far motherhood in Hollywood neglect. They think that being a mother is a disadvantage, not an advantage.

“After the birth of my first son in less than two weeks, I called and said I needed to come in for more shooting. At first I declined the offer, but then agreed. When I had to feed the baby – time off for this almost impossible, because no one is interested. No one wants you to understand,” complains Megan.

To summarize, a celebrity once again stressed that working in Hollywood and being a mom is not an easy task. She has to adjust to all look for different solutions to problems, because producers and Directors will not wait. Being away from children is difficult, but to give up the career she intends.

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