Что с единственным сыном известной певицы Тамары Гвердцители?

Что с единственным сыном известной певицы Тамары Гвердцители?

The famous pop star, singer Tamara Gverdtsiteli Georgian origin has long wanted to become
grandmother, but her only son, who is already 33 years old, still not married. As everyone
you know, the son of actress was born from her first marriage to a very famous and influential in
some time film Director Giorgi Kakhabrishvili. Also in a certain period
Kakhabrishvili held the position of Deputy Chairman of the public broadcaster of Georgia.

Son named Sandro, he once studied in America and today is in England for
listen to the course at the faculty of “Mass Media and Culture in University of the Arts London”. As
enthusiastically shared with his fans the singer that her son is a historian by profession and
she is very happy with his choice. For all surveys the audience, why didn’t he follow the footsteps
the famous actress, because it, too, and singing voice, nature is not cheated?


After all, while the son was still young, the singer escorting him to the stage, the audience liked it and were delighted with themselves a mother
son. But, as an adult, he chose a different path and openness in my life wanted! As
explained the mother, her child is very erudite and has an analytical mind
therefore, a person with a mind, a scientific work it is better to do what he actually does,
writing scientific papers and books.

He knows Russian and Georgian languages, but is fluent in English. As reported by the star herself, Sandro has no plans to return from England, and Tamara comes to visit him quite often, although he is the son of the house is rare… Gverdtsiteli
reminds a son about his age and what would be worth to think about marriage, family and

Hurry up son unwilling, besides, he has at the moment even the girls, everything
so far, only thinks, and mom decided not to push him in his choice.

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