Встречайте: первая мужская плюс-сайз модель

Model Agency IMG Models has signed its first contract with the model of man, whose complexion beyond the traditional parameters of the fashion world.

Women’s plus-size models have stormed the runways and appear in advertisements underwear, and now it is the time for men. Discoverer’s name is Zach Miko, he lives in new York and his waist – 100 cm.

26-year-old Zack drew the attention of the Agency through his Instagram, where he often posted photos with his wife and dog, as well as participation in advertising company of the division “for large men” online store Target.

“Before man my size even dream about getting into the world of fashion did not make sense – said Zack edition of WWD. And I’m glad times are changing”.

Zach also paid tribute to women’s first plus-size model Ashley Graham, who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine: “Ashley is a superstar, which literally managed to turn the idea of female beauty. If I manage to make at least part of what she did, I’ll be happy.”

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