СМИ:Эшли Олсен встречается с 59-летним художником

Sister Olsen prefer older men. As you know, the husband of Mary-Kate Olsen, Olivier Sarkozy for almost 50 years, but her twin sister Ashley and it managed to outdo her – the girl is credited with thirty-year romance with 59-year-old artist George Condo< /strong>.

Sources say they saw Ashley and her new old gentleman along, and it looked too much like a romantic date.
Meanwhile, Ashley herself has not commented on its relationship with the Condo, but her representative was quick to assure everyone that relations between the actress and the artist exclusively for business.
“The meeting, which you probably say, was very businesslike. Mr. Kondo is working on is for Ashley and Mary Kate, and just finished my work” — said the representative.

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