Корнелия Манго стала замужней дамой

A few hours ago Cornelia Mango combined knot with her fiancé Bogdan. The singer and DJ officially became husband and wife in Kutuzovsky registry office of the capital. A few months celebrity spent to make the wedding day perfect – all the prep, she worked independently, choosing and outfit, and the place of the ceremony.

“Thank you all for the congratulations! We are happy!” wrote to Cornelia. By the way, their tasty fruit name the singer without regret changed her husband’s name, becoming Mrs. Dyurd.
Recall that with the groom Cornelia met a little more than two years. They met during the filming of the TV show “I can”, in which Bogdan taught the woman beat-Boxing. Cornelia before him have not been in a serious relationship because the singer was looking for not just a crush or adventure on his fifth point, and a serious man with whom we wanted to live happily ever after.
“I promised God not to love, yet he will not give me a husband. And he is not exactly in dreadlocks and eight years younger” — she said in an interview. God heard her prayers and sent her Bogdan. A few congratulations with your marriage!!!

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