СМИ: Мария Кожевникова родила третьего ребенка Popular actress and her husband Yevgeny Vasilyev celebrate a new baby in the family. The actress gave her husband a charming son. After some time, she Maria Kozhevnikov confirmed the information about the appearance of the third child.
СМИ: Мария Кожевникова родила третьего ребенка

Today in mass media there were data that the 32-year-old actress and social activist Maria Kozhevnikova has become a mother of many children. According to the journalists, a few days ago a woman gave her husband Eugene is a charming son.

Unlike many celebrities the actress chose not to go abroad in anticipation of the joyous event. As it became known to correspondents, the birth of Mary took place in one of the Moscow clinics.

“StarHit” contacted friends and relatives, Maria Kozhevnikova to know the details of the long-awaited replenishment in the family. However, neither the environment celebrity, neither she initially did not comment on the news, which appeared in the press. So, a friend of Mary Ales Kacher refused to comment on the alleged replenishment in the family of her friend. Vitaly Gogunsky, a former colleague actress for the TV series “Univer”, said that he knows nothing. “Have not had time to congratulate, did not know what gave birth,” – said the wife of Alexander Revva Angelica.

Father of actress Aleksandr Kozhevnikov left unanswered the question of what their family has another man. “I know nothing,” said the man.

Fans of the actress and the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation congratulate her on the birth of a lovely child. Throughout the pregnancy Maria Kozhevnikova chose to hide his interesting position from the public. Before star came to live with subscribers of your “Instagram”, and published photos in stories. Followers of the women found that she looks beautiful.

After some time after the joyful news spread through the Internet, Maria Kozhevnikova has confirmed the rumors about the new addition to the family. Speaking about the appearance of the third child, the actress did not go into details.

“Yes, friends! I became having many children mother” – the woman wrote in Instagram.

Recall that the celebrity is the mother of two sons – three-year Ivan and two-year maxima. “StarHit” first reported that Maria Kozhevnikova plans to have a third child. Surrounded by the stars told me that her pregnancy goes easily. “No morning sickness, no weakness. For food he tries to keep to not too much better. (…) Jack was always a caring husband, and now just surrounded her – of the household chores took over. Masha pleased with the colors, it’s sweet. She and her husband are very different in character, but between them there is such harmony, which is rare to find” – shared insiders.