Бывший муж Ларисы Долиной стал инвалидом First husband, the artist can’t work and drive a car, because his feet hurt. Everything else, according to Monchinski Valley forbade him to communicate with her daughter and granddaughter Sasha.
Бывший муж Ларисы Долиной стал инвалидом

With a jazz musician Anatoly Monchinski singer has lived for over 10 years. After parting celebrity banned ex-spouse to communicate with their daughter angelina and granddaughter Alexandra. Heartbroken grandfather now suffers not only from loneliness but also from health problems.

“I was given a disability – says the “StarHit” Anatoly. In 2008 I first got sick the calves of the legs, urgently needed surgery. The disease has receded, but has now returned with new force: whining feet. I find it very hard to walk all day have to stay home. Was forced to give up work and car!
Бывший муж Ларисы Долиной стал инвалидом

The next operation to do I’m afraid: God forbid, even a leg amputated. Now waiting to die. I don’t need anyone, friends not visiting, and the daughter only calls twice a year. I really want to see my grandchild, but I do not give to see her for five years. And I’m so proud of it!”

Recall that Larisa Dolina lived in marriage with Anatoly Monchinski in the early 80s. In 1983 they had a daughter angelina. After leaving the artist completely ceased to communicate with man.

Anatoly has always maintained that on excellent terms with the heir. In an interview, he told me that Lina – copy. The girl learned to sing. In childhood she graduated from music school in Odessa, and then mastered the vocals in England. However, according to the father of angelina, at some point in life his daughter was fond of parties at clubs and ceased to be creative.

A while angelina worked in Maxim Dunaevsky’s musical “Love and espionage”. However, according to Minchenkova, the heiress was characteristic to be lazy, so she didn’t succeed in this field. Now angelina is raising her daughter Sasha, who grows up a copy of the famous grandmother. During one of the recent concerts of Larisa Dolina came with her granddaughter. The girl sings in the ensemble “Neposedy” and occasionally gives home concerts. The child tipped for a successful future in show business.