СМИ: Леди Гага закрутила новый роман

Leaving-leave. American singer Lady Gaga did not wait until her ex-boyfriend actor Taylor Kinney finally rack up the courage to attempt to get her back. The flamboyant actress was spotted on a date with a pretty brunette in one of Los Angeles restaurants, this means that a long-lasting relationship with the star of the TV series “Chicago Fire” — has sunk into Oblivion.

At bar Tower, in West Hollywood, Gaga was spotted last Sunday. According to eyewitnesses, she and an unidentified brunette was really into each other and flirted a lot. He whispered something in her ear and she was laughing. Oil painting – Gaga new love object.
What, Kinney? Taylor is involved in the filming of the new season of all plans ever and somehow back the once beloved woman.
Recall that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney met on the set of her new music video, between and immediately fell in love. Romance their times interrupted and renewed – probably American with passionate Italian roots lacked pepper. What happened the last time – no one understood, but this summer, Gaga and Kinney broke up. Apparently, forever.