The interior Ministry said on illegality of actions of the program “Revizorro”

МВД заявило о неправомерности действий программы «Ревизорро»

Leading “Revizorro” Elena Volatile defends the honor program, where she will devote as much time and effort. Despite the fact that, it would seem that the purpose of the show to make the public spaces safer for citizens, not for everyone approach “Revizorro” like. Often, the Network found comments criticizing the actions of the presenter of the program, come to the inspection, etc.

To deal with the negativity on the web the creators of the program decided radical measures. They turned to the court to prove that some statements of users of the Network about the show contain information discrediting nature, as well as detrimental to the business reputation of LLC “Television company Friday”.

It became known today, what is the solution to this question. The truth was not in favor of “Revizorro”.

The interior Ministry said that the journalists of the program”Revizorro” does not have the right to independently verify the restaurants, and accordingly the activity of the crew of the program “Revizorro” illegal.

“Under section 1 of the Statute on the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare, approved by the decree of the Russian government of 30 June 2004, the function of organization and implementation of the state sanitary-epidemiological supervision in the sphere of protection of the rights of consumers carries out Rospotrebnadzor”, — said the interior Ministry. Upon learning of this conclusion, the Ministry of internal Affairs, Bat referred to the “media Law” that allows journalists to freely enter the private property.

Apparently, the point of this story is not yet delivered.