Media: Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce

СМИ: Джей-Зи изменил Бейонсе

Track from Apathy’s new visual album Beyonce Lemonade confirmed the rumors about the relationship of the singer with husband Jay-Z.

СМИ: Джей-Зи изменил Бейонсе

New viusally album-project Beyonce (Beyonce) Lemonade was for the fans of the singer a real revelation — through the tracks of the new album Bee has shared with fans what long silence. Media attention was attracted by the composition of Apathy, where Beyonce talks about cheating Jay-Z (Jay Z), confirming rumors that the couple’s relationship is not so smooth.

The phrase “He better call Becky with that beautiful hair” would have remained just a phrase, if American designer Rachel Roy (Rachel Roy) posted on instagram a picture with a meaningful caption: Good hair don’t care (“Good hair and no problems”, eng.). Roy was married to Damon Dash (Damon Dash), past Manager Jay-Z.


СМИ: Джей-Зи изменил Бейонсе

Media claim that Rachel was the cause of a row between Solange Knowles (Solange Knowles) and Jay-Z at the Met Gala ball in 2014. Because attacking fans of Beyonce Roy was forced to close the page on Twitter and to cancel a speech at the seminar Mastering Your Métier in new York.

The media there is another version of the one who hides under the pseudonym “Becky”. So, immediately after the premiere of the album on April 24, Rita Ora (Rita Ora) has published a candid snapshot in SnapChat with a gold letter J on the neck. And following this in instagram the girl published one photo with the mention of Becky and emoticons in the form of bees (bee — bee) and lemons.


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